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Love without Subtraction or Exclusion
February 19, 2007, 12:47 pm
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Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? I think most Xians would agree that this is at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus. Hell, I think that, and I’m not even a Xian…at least not an orthodox Xian. (By the way, the reason I insist on writing “Christian” with an “X” is because that’s what I think orthodox beliefs are: a great big X barring the way to a deeper understanding of the pure teachings of Jesus.) But about the title of this post, “Love without Subtraction or Exclusion.” It’s something I think we all long for, and something I think Jesus promised to everyone. Thing is, these words don’t come from a Xian. They come from the biggest antiXian ever, who said:

What is “the good news”? That true life, eternal life, has been found–it is not something promised, it is already here, it is within you: as life lived in love, in love without subtraction or exclusion, without distance. Everyone is a child of God–Jesus definitely claims nothing for himself alone–and as a child of God everyone is equal to everyone else.

Sound familiar? Tell you what: I’ll have a new copy of the book this quote comes from sent to the first person who can correctly identify the author of those words. That’s right, a free book. I mean, if the Gideon’s can pass out those cute little New Testatments (with Psalms and Proverbs) for free, I can give away a book or two from this blog. So seriously, leave a comment giving the name of the author of this quote (be sure to provide your e-mail address), and I’ll send you a copy of the book it comes from–well maybe not the same translation (hint, hint).

In the meantime, consider what these words imply. The good news Jesus proclaimed was something attainable by those who heard him speak while he was alive, not something that required a supreme sacrifice in order to be effectuated. And that good news was and still is all about love. Loving God and loving your neighbor…”without subtraction or exclusion, without distance.”


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Dear HH,
I stumbled, quite by accident, upon your site. Thank you for the emphasis of the unconditionally loving, living Christ. So many folks are sceptical about “xians” as you call them, because of all the rules and requirements that are thrown at them if they want to join the God-Club. Thanks for getting at the heart of the matter.

Comment by Potterdad

Glad you stumbled upon the blog! I like the phrase “unconditionally loving, living Christ.” I think that’s what a lot of Xians feel about Jesus, but as you say, there are a lot of rule and requirements attached to it. Fortunately, we can choose what to believe in this day and age. Thanks for your comment

Comment by heartyheretic

Biggest antixian ever. That would immediately make me think of a Constantine or Diocletian. But since the quote’s in English and it sounds kind of modern I’ll go for Bertrand Russell.

Comment by Richard

Good educated guess…but the quote’s a translation. Feel free to take another shot at it. By the way, Mrs. Heretic’s sister-in-law is John Howard Yoder’s niece.

Comment by heartyheretic

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