Hearty Heresy

February 24, 2007, 9:58 pm
Filed under: Hell, Heresy, Jesus, Religion

I’m sitting in the Starbucks at the airport in Columbus, Ohio, waiting for a flight home to “land of the heretics,” and I’m bored…of course. But rather than strain my braincells thinking heretical thoughts, I thought I’d do a quick tour of the internet to see what sort of heretical memorabilia (or heresabilia) there is available. If you visit Atheists Online (which I normally would not recommend) you can get a nifty mug that says…wait for it…”Heretic.” Whoo-hoo. Northern Sun has a classy “Heretic In Good Company” t-shirt, which “shows people being burned with a list including: Joan of Arc; Galileo; Copernicus; Martin Luther; Matthew Fox; the Franciscans; Hippolytus; Ivone Gebara; Jesus of Nazareth; the Vatican24; Call to Action of Nebraska; etc.” It’s also available as a poster in case you want to spice up the pastor’s office at church. For a more extensive lists of heretics, check out Dustin’s House of Heresy at CafePress. Here’s what Dustin says about his shirt:

Now whenever an uppity evangelical informs you of your impending condemnation in the firey pits of Hell, you can smile and show them a list of the poets, philosophers, playwrights, presidents and scientists who are going with you. (Oh, would that “scientist” started with a “p”!) With the replacement of David Guest by John Dewey, the shirt now features 100% less Marxist Dialectic Materialism.

Dustin also says, “Atheists, Agnostics and Deists, OH MY! This shirt features a list of people who satisfy two criteria: they were smarter than you, and (with the exception of Charles Darwin) they weren’t Christians.” Now that last part was a surprise to me, because I always thought Darwin was a Unitarian. So I checked out Darwin’s bio at Adherents.com, and it says this:

Charles Darwin was an Anglican, but by most accounts he appears to have been largely nominal in his affiliation with the Church of England. Darwin may be better classified as a Unitarian. He was a member of a Unitarian congregation which he attended regularly during at least part of his life.

During Darwin’s lifetime, the Unitarian Church was considered a relatively mainstream Protestant Christian denomination, although many of its beliefs even then separated it from other Protestant denominations.

Guess that’s why you see some many Darwinfish in the parking lots of Unitarian churches. And if you’re still trying to figure out the author of the quote feature in Monday’s post, he’s not on either of the “In Good Company” t-shirts. Go figure.


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