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The Atheist’s Nightmare
March 27, 2007, 9:45 pm
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I’m taking a break from posting about the Borg & Crossan book to share with you a new video site for Christians. It’s called GodTube.com, and it’s pretty, um, strange if you ask me. For example, they’ve got a video posted there (which I’ve embedded in my vodpod below) called “The Atheist’s Nightmare,” featuring Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. It’s supposed to convince folks about the existence of God based on the way a banana fits into a human hand, indicates when it’s ripe, is easy to peel, etc. Personally, I’m not convinced by the argument. What really gets me, though, is the tendency by some Brand Xians to think that an argument for the existence of God is necessarily an argument for the Christian concept of an almighty God, complete with the need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and so forth.

I’m thinking mainly of Hugh Ross and his Reasons to Believe think tank. Ross is the evil genius (kidding) behind the “anthropic principle,” which says that the universe was finely tuned by a creator in order to produce: life, humanity, sin, and the need for Jesus to sacrifice his life for the rest of us. Makes total scientific sense, doesn’t it? You can read a summary of Ross’s argument in the press kit for Journey Toward Creation, a PBS-like “documentary” revealing the truth about creation. The best part, though, is the “Who Is the Creator?” interview at the end of the disc, where Ross evaluates “the truth claims of several religious holy books by comparing them with the scientific record.” Hindus, Muslims, Mormons, and Jews all lose. Guess who wins?


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One of the funniest responses I ever heard to the “atheist’s nightmare” is the “theist’s nightmare”: a pineapple.

Comment by poppies

I was trying to think of what would make the perfect “theist’s nightmare,” and I have to say that the pineapple may just be it. Perfect!

Comment by heartyheretic

Pineapple–too funny! Personally, I think science and God are truly compatible, but I have finally come to the place where it isn’t necessary to find some sort of rational explanation for God. A great book that spends quite a bit of time on this very human need to “prove” something is A History of God by Karen Armstrong. Good stuff! We can’t help ourselves, I guess–it must be part of our nature to want to prove or disprove something for which there can be no proof.

Comment by cometothewell

I went to GodTube and heard the “It aint okay to be gay” song. What a frightening testimonial to song. He believes in “righteous judging” because he took care of his sin already. So, now he is ready to judge others sins. disturbing!

Comment by pastorofdisaster

I don’t think I’ll be spending too much time checking out the videos at GodTube. “It Ain’t Okay” along with The Atheist’s Nightmare are giving me a pretty good idea of the quality of the content. And the Karen Armstrong book is great. I read it a while back. I’m thinking of checking out The Tent of Abraham. Sounds intriguing.

Comment by heartyheretic

Uhh yeah…I just stopped over GodTube and saw a link for the “Family Research Council” that scared me right there. This is nothing more than Gen-X “fundagelicism” pure & simple.

But your blog I like and will add it to my ‘roll.


Comment by Dangerous Christian

Definitely scary stuff, Dangerous Christian. “Fundagelicism”…I like that. Thanks for the support!

Comment by heartyheretic

[…] people’s heresies. So I’m starting my own, and it goes something like this. IF, as Ray Comfort insists, the PROOF of GOD can be found in a BANANA, and IF, as Chuck Missler believes, the PROOF of GOD can […]

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