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Back in the USA
March 31, 2007, 2:44 am
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Well, Mrs. Heretic and Hearty, Jr. and I are back from our trip to the Pacific Northwest. We spent a long weekend in Vancouver, B.C. visiting Mrs. Heretic’s sister and her family. Of course, as soon as we got back I had to start getting ready for a quick trip to Iowa City for some heretical business, which is why I’m in a Microtel Inn in Marion, Iowa, eating a Strawberry Cake & Toppings Parfait that I just purchased at the Wal-Mart across the street. Yes, progressive heretics shop at Wal-Mart occasionally, although the parfait may have been one of the only products in the whole store that was made in America. That’s not necessarily a critique of Wal-Mart. I think we’d all find it difficult to avoid products made in China, etc. That’s one of the economic realities of this day and age.

Borg and Crossan, by contrast, write in The Last Week about Jesus’s day and age, although they do repeatedly ask themselves, “What does then have to do with this now, our now?” I guess that’s one of the things I really appreciate about them, individually and collectively. It’s one of the reasons why I consider myself a heretic. I’m not going to swallow whole a set of beliefs that were fossilized in, what? the 4th century C.E. If I’m going to follow Jesus, I’d better find a pretty compelling reason to do so today, in this here and this now. At any rate, one big learning I’ve had reading the book is that the idea of sacrifice, as in the kind of blood sacrifice practiced at the Temple in Jerusalem, “should never be confused with either suffering or substitution,” which is the whole Mel Gibson/Ann Coulter take on Brand Xianity. For those of you who missed my post on it, here’s Ann Coulter’s down and dirty take on Jesus: “People are sinful and need to be redeemed, and this is your lucky day because I’m here to redeem you even though you don’t deserve it, and I have to get the crap kicked out of me to do it.” Suffering and substitution…in spades. Borg and Crossan offer another perspective, which I’ll fill you in on later.


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I thought you might be interested to hear that Crossan reviews the new book by Pagels and King on The Gospel of Judas in today’s Washington Post.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Comment by heartyheretic

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