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April 26, 2007, 10:24 pm
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A couple posts back I complained that Brand Xians bring a “preunderstanding” of the nature of God which (for them) naturally leads to the need for Jesus to sacrifice Himself, etc., etc., etc. I noted that not everyone (yours truly, for example) shares their concept of God, so getting us to buy the whole “Christ died for your sins” thing just doesn’t fly. I think I mentioned Rabbi Michael Lerner in that post, and I just read in Tikkun (the magazine Rabbi Lerner publishes–kind of a Jewish Sojourners) an interview with Bernard Haisch, author of The God Theory.

Haisch’s vision of God is, for me, kind of an invitation to try and imagine a being/presence/intelligence much, much larger than anything our minds can grasp (rather than a God who’s “plan” is rather confusingly told in a patchwork quilt of a book). And even though the interview is in a Jewish magazine, the last word goes out to all you Brand Xians:

TIKKUN: What message would you have for Christians who see God as Jesus?
BH: I have one single quote out of John, where Jesus says, “In all truth I tell you, whoever believes in me will perform the same works that I do myself, and will perform even greater works.” To me this implies that Jesus was God incarnate, but so are we all. He may have been a very advanced incarnation of God, but he says it here himself, we can do greater things still. To me this implies that we can be as great as Jesus and greater still. Therefore, Christians, nothing I’m saying in this book contradicts Christianity.

How’s that for interpreting Scripture? You can read more by and about Haisch at his blog, Maverick Cosmos, and I’ve added a video about The God Theory to my Vodpod below and to the left. I have to say that after reading the interview, I could easily imagine a God that Jesus might experience as a loving father. And I could just as easily imagine Jesus turning over his life to that God so that others could know “Him,” too.


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Very fascinating. I will have to delve a little deeper into Haisch.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

His blog (which he hasn’t updated lately) list six books by scientists: 3 that lean toward theism, and 3 that don’t. Could make a nice summer reading list!

Comment by heartyheretic

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