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When Will This Nightmare End?
May 4, 2007, 8:11 pm
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I’ve just run across another video claiming to be “The Atheist’s Nightmare.” It’s from some guy named Chuck Missler, and he claims that the proof of God is not a banana, but peanut butter. You can decide whether or not he’s got a point by checking out the video on my Vod Pod (below left).

The whole peanut butter/banana thing got me thinking about Elvis, though, which isn’t bad. After all, the King loved his Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches (recipe available here). And he could sing the Gospel like nobody’s business (go to rhapsody.com, download the free player, and treat yourself to few of the King’s favorite Gospel tunes…I’m a sucker for “Take My Hand, Precious Lord,” which has a bittersweet story behind it). And if Ray “Banana Split” Comfort or Chuck “Skippy” Missler haven’t convinced you that God exists and Jesus is King, hop on over to ElvisGospel.com. I especially like this insight into Elvis’s faith that begins with the line “I’ll never forget the day his black limo almost ran over me.”


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Sometimes it is appropriate to refer to atheists as “descendants of the apes.” I’m sure all of them are highly honored by that title since they are the ones who claim that apes are their noble ancestors.This explains why atheists have devised the animalistic and heathenistic philosophy of atheism. It is because that is the best philosophy the ape’s descendants can come up with. That is as high as they can rise in their thinking. There has never been an ape during the history of apes that achieved the ability to perceive the existence of God and to worship Him. And so, it is not surprising that descendants of the apes are void of that ability as well.This also explains the awful heathen and abominable fruit descendants of apes produce in the society – why they are so lawless. It must have been a terrible group of apes they descended from, because when you observe apes that exist today, all of them do exactly what apes are suppose to do. But atheists cannot do anything right. Apes today are more civilized than atheists.

True Christians have a far more noble fountain from whence they descended. We were originally created by the Almighty God – created in His image. We did not have to evolve to a higher state, but from the beginning, were created by God as perfect as humans can be. Even though we fell from our created state of perfection in the first man Adam, our Maker brings us back by His uplifting grace. But atheists, as descendants of the apes, have never and will never reached the level of perfection in which God originally created all mankind.

If atheists were human, and weren’t descendants of the apes, they might be able to perceive the beauty of the existence of God, and might have a chance at receiving God’s grace. But alas, animals don’t have that ability and God has no intention on saving animals.


Comment by atheiststooges

Hi, Atheist Stooges Webmaster. Hey, did you know that the original Christians were called Atheists, too? That’s because their version of God didn’t make sense to the pagans. So rather than entering into a dialogue, they called them Atheists and killed them. Not very nice, eh. So…here we are again. My version of God doesn’t make sense to you, does it? And you’re calling me an Atheist and a Stooge. Well listen, buster, Mel Gibson loves the Three Stooges, and if they’re good enough for him, their good enough for me! Thanks for stopping by.

Comment by heartyheretic

Hello Howler Monkey,
Begging the question aside,let me leave this with you before I depart.
Don’t ever ever buy into their claims that they are atheists.
They are militant anti-theists and there is a huge difference.
Although viewing themselves as “free thinkers”, they all have a Party Line they follow rather closely.
But the militant atheists -the ones who have devoted
their lives to refuting Christianity- are almost like the
demons …who believe more firmly in God’s existence
than do Christians !
It can unequivocally be stated that militant atheists are some
of the people who most solidly believe in God !
Ain’t talking ‘practical atheists’ here …those who don’t
even think much about atheism. They’re the true
Professional atheists who’ve dedicated themselves
to eradicating the Lord do so because they hate Him.
They’re the God-haters.
To which they’ll invariably reply: ‘How can we hate
something we don’t believe in ?’.
Exactly ! It’s their belief in God which drives them to
relentlessly attack Him.
Run of the mill, everyday ‘practical atheists’ don’t
give God a second thought. They’re the ones
I worry about.
Whereas militant atheists are fighting against the
innate knowledge of suppressed in their hearts.
As a militant atheist I can unequivocally state that there is no time in your life that you
totally disbelieved in God. And -in fact- were driven to
work against the Lord by belief in Him !
It isn’t that militant atheists don’t believe God exists.
Instead: That they don’t want God to exist.
So when debating don’t ever buy into their *how can we believe in a sky pixie* claim because they most certainly do though they will never admit it.
They have a fire and hatred in their hearts for God and that is what brings them into religious newsgroups on a regular basis.
They want to destroy your faith like they have destroyed their own.


Comment by atheiststooges

Peanut Butter. I am glad that an “engineer and writer” was able to clear that up.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

Do choosy moms still choose Jif? I think they would be a pretty reliable source on this issue, too.

Comment by heartyheretic

I can’t remember what I pointed to and “CLICKED” to get to your blog, here, but am I ever glad I did! 🙂 I’ve just now begun taking a look around and I can’t seem to wipe the (appreciative) smile off my face – plastered there for a number of reasons…including the fact that you mentioned Elvis and his romance with peanutbutter and banana sandwiches. He and I tripped out of the same genetic pool on that one. Gonna add you to my own Blogroll, if you don’t mind, and keep an eye on you. THIS was a great way to burn some braincells..and I’m getting ready to check out a few links that you’ve provided.

Comment by Grace

Thanks, Grace. If you have a good receipe for fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, do let me know. I’m glad you appreciate what you find here. Thanks for visiting!

Comment by heartyheretic

The jackass at atheist-stooges.com is a pathetic weasel by the name of Michael Lawrence. His domain is publicly registered. Just go to whois.net and look up his website. His name, address, and phone number are all there per his allowance. Then check out this MySpace page that someone set up tell you how to take this moron down, legally: myspace.com/atheist_stooges

Comment by Theresa

Thanks for the info, Theresa. I’ll check out the MySpace page.

Comment by heartyheretic

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