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In God We Trust, So I Don’t Need Any Insurance
July 15, 2007, 1:15 am
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Mrs. Heretic, Hearty, Jr. and I are visiting the Hoosier state, our ancestral homeland. (I’ve heard it said that home is where your people are buried–both Mrs. Heretic’s mother and my father are interred in Elkhart County, so it pretty much qualifies as home for us). At any rate, we noticed that there were a TON of these new license plates on the cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks here:
In God We Trust
This seemed a little odd to us since it’s not the regular Indiana plate and since we didn’t see any of these plates around when we were home for Christmas. How could a specialty plate become so popular in just about six months? Well, we found out that while the plates are indeed specialty plates, they’re free, unlike all of the other specialty plates. What’s more, if you want a new plate rather than a renewal tab for your car, you have to get the “In God We Trust” design. They’re also coming out with a free “Support Our Troops” plate. To be honest, I’m a little disgusted with both plates because they’re free. I mean my current Blue state of residence has had a “Support Our Troops” plate for years, and it costs you money, and the “contribution is split between the Department of Military Affairs for financial support of military families and the Department of Veteran Affairs for grant programs for homeless and needy veterans.” Makes the Indiana plate look like cheap grace to me.

But the real reason I’m writing about this here is because I’ve been thinking that what we need more of in this world–and especially in this country–are reminders of peace. And I’ve been thinking about trying to get a “Peace” specialty place in Minnesota. Like all respectable specialty plates, you’d have to pay more for it, and the money would go to a worthy cause. I’m not quite sure how to proceed, but I’ve been searching the web for months looking for a precedent, and I’ve finally found one. The state of Virgina (once Red, now looking Bluer every day) has started to offer this plate:
Part of the money collected for this plate goes to the Virginia Association for Community Conflict Resolution. Wonderful, eh? So I’ve got a couple of questions for you: 1.) Where would be a good place for Peace plate contributions to go? and 2.) Which plate do you think Jesus would choose? And by the way, if you’ve never heard of Every Church a Peace Church, check them out!


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You could have the money go to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial fund. Then we would have a monument to a peacemaker near the Mall.

I live in Virginia (the most liberal part) and I have never seen the “Peace” plate. Interesting.

Actually, I might think more about Jesus from the first plate because it would make me think that the person driving that vehicle is someone that I needed more tolerance to live amongst.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

I like the MLK Jr. Fund idea. I was thinking maybe the campaign for a Department of Peace would be good, too. The Virginia “Peace” plate is brand new, I think. As far as having to be tolerant in order to live amongst folks with a particular world view, that’s what being a progressive in the Hoosier state is all about!

Comment by heartyheretic

Your post got me thinking so here goes: I like the peace plate idea, I also think that is what Jesus would want on our license plates. As for where the money would go, how about to help feed the homeless and reach lost souls? Perhaps the money can go into a general fund and non-profit organizations can request funds as needed.?.

As for there being no cost in Indiana for their In God We Trust or the Support Our Troops vanity plates, what is the issue – that their residents get theirs free while other states make their residents pay or that other states found a way to capitolize on people’s emotions and need to display their devotion to God and support for our enlisted men and women, similiar to the various magnetic ribbons you see on sides of cars or mailboxes…

As for being tolerant in order to live amongst folks with a particular world view, this is an area where it would be really great for me to be more like Jesus – – I have a one bathroom house and there’s 6 of us ranging in ages from 14-53 – talk about tolerant!!!!
God bless,
briggie ^i^

Comment by Briggie

Thanks for stopping by, Briggie. Yes, let’s feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and help those widows and orphans. It’d be great to fund that with a special license plate. And yes, a “Support Our Troops” plate without any cost is nothing more than a glorified yellow ribbon. And you’ve convinced me that you know something about tolerance! Thanks again.

Comment by heartyheretic

I find you quite engaging and I appreciate your candor! Keep us thinking!!!

briggie ^i^

Comment by Briggie

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