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All or Nothing Christianity
September 19, 2007, 7:19 pm
Filed under: Christianity, God, Jesus, Religion

Here’s another version of C. S. Lewis’s “poached egg” argument for the divinity of Christ. I found it at j4jesus, and I don’t even know where to begin pointing out the logical problems with this quote from N. T. Wright:

The pain and tears of all the years were met on Calvary. The sorrow of heaven joined with the anguish of earth; the forgiving love stored up in God’s future was poured out into the present; the voices that echo in a million human hearts, crying for justice, longing for spirituality, eager for relationship, yearning for beauty, drew themselves together into a final scream of desolation . . . The death of Jesus of Nazareth as the King of the Jews, the bearer of God’s destiny, the fulfillment of God’s promises to his people of old, is either the most stupid, senseless waste and misunderstanding the world has ever seen, or is the fulcrum around which world history turns. Christianity is based on the belief that it is and was the latter.

As with the Lewis argument, the events surrounding the life and death of Jesus are either inexplicably senseless (or utterly insane) or the obvious work of the Lord of the Universe, and there’s no middle ground. All I can say is, there’s plenty of middle ground here, and all one has to do is read something other than Brand Xian boosters (like N. T. Wright and C. S. Lewis) to get a sense of what other possible explanations there might be for the life and death of Jesus. Try Spong, Crossan, or Borg if you’re looking for something to help you sort through the hodge-podge of accumulated distortions about the life of Jesus that have been perpetuated by Brand Xians.

As far as Jesus’ death being “the most stupid, senseless waste and misunderstanding the world has ever see,” any death that is the result of an oppressive political and/or religious system is a stupid and senseless waste.


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