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Those Damn Unitarians
October 3, 2007, 9:56 pm
Filed under: Christianity, Faith, God, Hell, Heresy, Religion, Spirituality, Unitarian Universalists

The Unitarian Universalists are starting an new ad campaign to increase awareness of their religion (I know, any Bible-believing Brand Xian worth his salt would call them a “cult”). To go along with the ads that will be appearing in TIME magazine, they’ve come up with a 10 minute video that explains who they are. Biggest bunch of heretics I’ve every seen!


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Inclusive, non-dogmatic, emphasis on personal and community growth, and social justice – you’re absolutely right, what a nasty bunch of heretics! Where do I join up?

Comment by Tess

They are a nasty bunch of heretics, especially if you look at the origins of the word “heresy,” which means, I guess, something like “to choose.” Inclusive and non-dogmatic leaves a lot of room for choice.

Comment by heartyheretic

Damn, are you trying convincing me to change my ordination status? It gets so tiring and infuriating being in the PC(USA), and knowing that it probably will never be where I am. Fortunately I am at an ecumenical church which is eerily similar to what is said in the video.

Comment by pastorofdisaster

I have to agree–there are a lot of mainline Protestant congregations that are for the most part as open and affirming as UU congregations try to be. Sounds like yours is just such place!

Comment by heartyheretic

Don’t you just hate it when those hell-dammed cultish freaks annunciate some of the basic tenets of the gospel so much more clearly than the only true fundagelicals! Who do they think they are!

Comment by Jon F

I’m sure those Liberal Quakers could come up with an equally heretical video, too. One that proclaims the basic tenets of the gospel just a clearly. Who DO they think they are?

Comment by heartyheretic

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